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Victoria Baylor

Savannah, Georgia

Lead Content Writer: Inspiration

Founder of Clarity for High-Performance LLC. Victoria is a Leadership Development & Organizational Development Consultant, Coach, TEDx Speaker & keynote speaker.


Tonice Cooper

Tampa, Florida

Lead Content Writer: Business

Founder and CEO of Vantage Point Consulting Group, LLC. Astute business professional with extensive knowledge of building and re-establishing credit.


J. Dianne Tribble

Savannah, Georgia

Lead Content Writer: Inspiration

Well sought professional speaker. Founder and Co-leader of We Are Women In Business, a women’s professional group. She is the founder of Coaches At the Table, a community of Life Coaches, where continuing education, networking, fellowship, and support are provided.


Tasha DeVoe

Pooler, Georgia

Content Writer: HealthFitness

Certified Fitness Trainer. Assess the needs of client's bodily strengths and weaknesses and create customized workout plans. Provide physical and mental guidance and monitor progress on a regular basis. 


April Mixon

Savannah, Georgia

Content Writer: Health/Wellness

Entrepreneur and holistic influencer who avidly assists people from all walks of life in a broad spectrum of ways. From helping overcome difficult obstacles that have life changing results to helping individuals reach the next level (life or career).


Amye Mathews

Jacksonville, Florida

Content Writer: Inspiration

Community leader and civic developer. Entrepreneur and motivational speaker; Seeks to enhance the social stigma of women and increase the faith of christian belief


April Duplessis

New Orleans, Louisiana

Content Writer: Inspiration

Music & Film critic.  Multi-Genre published author/writer. Talent Development Specialist

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Ty W. Johnson

Statesboro, Georgia

Content Writer: Mental Health

Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor as well as Nationally Certified Counselor. 12 years of a strong passion for empowering women and young girls.


Comia Flynn

Los Angeles, California

Content Writer: Entertainment

Media Mogul and Influencer. Brand Ambassaor to the 2020 Oprah Winfrey Tour. Lead PA for TV One Productions and various media outlets. Global icon to producers and executive directors in television and radio

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McColl Sims

Savannah, Georgia

Content Writer: Fashion

Entrepreneur, style specialist, celebrity stylist, personal stylist, personal shopper, personal influencer, and owner of MODISH- Let's get DRESSED!

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Ebony King

Atlanta, Georgia (Dallas, TX)

Content Writer: Spiritual/Life

Entrepreneur |Writer

Speaker | Creative Leader


C. Jai Graham

Jacksonville, Florida

Content Writer: Relationships

Author | Entrepreneur | Personality/Style Authenticator & Activator | Multi-Specialty Coach

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