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Regally Insane: Resiliently Moving Hair and Body Care Forward in 2022

Regally Insane is an emerging health, wellness and natural hair care brand based in Baltimore, Maryland. Born during the onset of the global pandemic, the company is female and black owned. Nailah Queen, the Founder & CEO created the company after she begin to experience ill health effects, specifically hair loss; caused by what she thought to be due to the stress of the pandemic.

Photo courtesy of Nailah Queen, Founder and CEO of Regally Insane

After suffering from a significant amount of hair loss and becoming disappointed with the products on the market, she knew she needed to do something. Out of desperation and frustration, she took matters in her own hands and began experimenting with natural oils and started mixing them at her kitchen table. Through trial and error, she was finally able to create the perfect blend of 11 essential oils. Ultimately, after using the oil blend on her natural hair, she began to see an abundance of growth and less shedding of her hair. Satisfied by the results, she decided to bottle her combination of oils and born was Regally Insane's signature product, the "Grow Like Crazy Hair Growth Oil. With the success of the hair oil, Nailah added additional products intended to help maintain men’s beards, along with an array of wellness supplements to the inventory.

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