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Do You In 2022: How to resiliently "do you in 2022"

Happy New Year!!! Geesh, that was fast. For some women it is the next deep breath or overwhelming moment of another year peeking its head. Making resolutions works for some and for others it’s another excuse to make promises and feel like a failure for others. According to reports, most people abandon their New Year resolutions by February. This year, instead of abandoning those resolutions, lets integrate realistic and achievable outcomes as resilient women.

Here are at least four things you can do.

Yoga & Meditation: Practicing yoga is known to improve flexibility, strength, and mood, while meditation helps relieve stress, anxiety, and so much more.

Write: Writing is a great outlet. Grab a journal, write down your thoughts, and express yourself.

Staycation: A staycation is always a great way to take time off and getting away...without getting away.

Try Something New: Set aside time to unplug and do something different.

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